About the choir

As an 'ordinary' choir, Overtone choir Spektrum from Prague stands up even to the high demands of international competition. The vocal performance of SPEKTRUM is however extraordinary, due to the members having mastered the so-called technique of overtone singing. This enables them to create an absolutely unique and beautiful choir sound, very peculiar and almost incomparable to anything else.

The members of Spektrum undergo special vocal training with the leadership of its conductor Jan Stanek. Thereafter they are able to use this overtone singing technique in the common (but sometimes also very special) choir repertoire. Spektrum is unique among overtone choirs, particularly because it connects traditional choir singing with overtone techniques. It is the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic, and one of only a few in the world.

Besides unique compositions and overtone compositions specially composed for them, the repertoire of Spektrum includes spiritual music of the 20th century (Durufle, Rutter, Messiaen), Rennaisance compositions (Arcadelt, Monteverdi) and choir arrangements of spirituals and folk songs.

The choir has recorded two CDs (demo Zprava z cesty / Message from the Journey, 2005, and the newest CD Villarosa, 2009). Spektrum keeps contacts with many overtone singers and a couple of overtone choirs worldwide. We have 16 members at the moment.